Stay safe on your motorcycle this spring

Spring has finally sprung. Crocuses are peeking above the ground, birds are singing…and motorcycles are roaring down the streets. Despite the fact that motorcycles are only on the road for a short portion of the year, they account for a significant number of injuries and fatalities. In 2010, of the 885 motor vehicle related fatalities […]

Setting a good example for safety

I think maybe–just maybe–this never-ending winter has finally come to an end. The snow is almost gone and temperatures are rising to the double digits. With the warmer weather comes more kids out on the streets riding bicycles. In Ontario, kids are required to wear helmets when cycling on public roads. This law has been […]

Bronfman case headed for appeal

Last November, Madam Justice Stewart ruled on a matter dealing with broker negligence. The matter, Bronfman v. BFL Canada Risk, 2013 ONSC 5372 (CanLII),  involves a break in at the Bronfman residence in November of 2008. The Bronfmans were robbed of jewellery and numerous valuables. The matter revolves around the question of just how far […]

Deny and delay even further: A new proposal by government to lower prejudgment interest rates

As anyone who has gone through the court system knows, the wheels of justice turn slowly. If there was ever such a thing as instant justice, prejudgement interest would not be necessary. However, the reality of our system is that justice often takes many years and the laws of Ontario provide interest from the date […]