Kris Bonn

Kris Bonn

Kris focuses on helping people who have suffered serious personal injuries, car crash victims and long-term disability claims. Kris also helps people who are facing impaired driving and over 80 related criminal charges. Kris has successfully argued cases before juries, judges and the Court of Appeal in Toronto. Kris is active in the community as a Director of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the local Brain Injury Association Quinte District. He is a member of the Hastings County Law Association and the Advocates Society. He supports local charities, including the Trenton and Belleville Hospital Foundations.

Ontario Auto Insurance: What are we paying for?

If you drive a vehicle in Ontario, the law requires that you insure your vehicle. Every auto insurance policy includes mandatory no-fault benefits. We pay for these benefits with our premium dollars. While premiums have continued to climb year after year, the no-fault accident benefits for injured victims continue to erode. While benefits have been steadily declining for many years, the changes that were imposed …

Setting a good example for safety

I think maybe–just maybe–this never-ending winter has finally come to an end. The snow is almost gone and temperatures are rising to the double digits. With the warmer weather comes more kids out on the streets riding bicycles. In Ontario, kids are required to wear helmets when cycling on public roads. This law has been in place since 1995. Unfortunately, there are still too many …

Ice and snow on private properties: Know your responsibilities

several men shovel sidewalk

Snow, snow and more snow! This winter has been one for the ages. As a property owner you just finish clearing snow from your walkway/entrance and you are out there again trying to keep walkways as clear as possible. At some point you may just give up and let the snow and ice accumulate. But if you are a property owner that could be risky. …