Only the Rich Can Afford Lower Car Insurance Premiums

No fault accident benefits were supposed to compensate Ontario drivers for the significant reduction in their right to sue. 20 years ago when the right to sue for car accidents was restricted to serious and permanent injuries, the quid pro quo was a generous amount of benefits to cover lost income, caregiver and housekeeping help and medical care.

Ontario’s Budget Announcement on Auto Insurance: An Avalanche of Attrition Continuing to Crush Victims’ Rights

From the September 2010 overhaul of the Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS) regime to the passing of Bill 15 in November 2014, accident victims’ rights in Ontario are being whittled down. Now with the most recent Budget Announcement, this avalanche of attrition is continuing to cascade.

Auto Insurance: The Hidden Costs of the Provincial Budget

Last month, the Ontario Liberal government revealed its latest budget entitled “Building Ontario Up” but what it does to our auto insurance benefits is actually the opposite by significantly slashing benefits available to accident victims.

Ontario’s Health Care Budget – Time to Cut the Fat?

The release of Ontario’s budget last week prompted comment from the president of the Ontario Medical Association, Dr. Ved Tandan, that the government’s policy of taking from the health care system to balance its budget is putting the healthcare system in jeopardy. Population growth and unmet needs for family doctors and other services are being ignored, he says. This is certainly an important and complex …

A New Way to Report Aggressive Driving

We’ve all seen those drivers – the ones who tailgate, who weave in and out of traffic, and the ones that treat the 401 as if it’s a set piece from a Fast and Furious film. These dangerous and aggressive drivers are a problem for all of us. Most of the time we shake our heads as they speed past us, assuming that there is …

The Wild, Wild West

Western edges out win in tight OTLA Cup competition The best in the west defeated the rest – but not without a fight.  The OTLA Cup returned to be heard in Kingston where it began 23 years ago, but the University of Western Ontario is taking it home in 2015. And what a Cup it was!  Ten competitors and five witnesses from five of Ontario’s …