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HOV Lanes: Navigating the Pan Am Traffic Jam

Along with the excitement of the Pan Am Games coming to the GTA comes the dread of the effect that an anticipated 250,000 visitors flooding into the city will have on our daily commute. In response to these concerns, the city will implement changes to the road and transit systems which promise to reduce congestion and improve safety. One of the main changes will be …

Ten Things You Should Know Before Lighting Your Canada Day Fireworks

Summer has officially begun, and thousands of Ontario children will start their vacation with Canada Day around the corner. For many, the highlight of the holiday is the opportunity to take in a dazzling fireworks display with family, friends, and their fellow Canadians. If you’re considering trying to recreate the party on parliament hill in your own backyard, and you live within the city of …

Ontario’s Budget Announcement on Auto Insurance: An Avalanche of Attrition Continuing to Crush Victims’ Rights

From the September 2010 overhaul of the Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS) regime to the passing of Bill 15 in November 2014, accident victims’ rights in Ontario are being whittled down. Now with the most recent Budget Announcement, this avalanche of attrition is continuing to cascade.

Auto Insurance: The Hidden Costs of the Provincial Budget

Last month, the Ontario Liberal government revealed its latest budget entitled “Building Ontario Up” but what it does to our auto insurance benefits is actually the opposite by significantly slashing benefits available to accident victims.