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Sanzone v. Schechter, 2016 ONCA 566

This appeal to set aside a dismissal granted at a summary judgment motion was allowed on the basis that the respondents failed to present evidence going to the merits of their defence but instead attempted to compel the appellant to deliver an expert report and show that she has not done so.

Top Five Highlights from Westerhof v. Gee Estate

On March 26, 2015, the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in Westerhof v. Gee Estate 2015 ONCA 206. Heard at the same time as the recently-released Moore v. Getahun, Westerhof has been championed by members of the Plaintiffs’ bar as a “big win for common sense” in the area of non-expert opinion evidence. As was the case with Getahun, Westerhof also attracted a …