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Ontario Government’s $1 million course correction!

Contained in the 2019 Ontario Budget, Protecting What Matters Most, the government announced that it will be restoring the ‘missing million’ in auto insurance coverage for the most seriously injured, or “catastrophically impaired”, that was slashed in 2016.

Helmets On Kids Campaign Reaches Milestone Donation Total

4 girls wear their new bike helmets

The final numbers are still rolling in, but it’s safe to say that the OTLA Helmets on Kids Campaign has reached another major milestone. When tallying the totals since the program’s inception in 2002, we discovered the happy coincidence that over 25,000 helmets had been donated by OTLA’s 25th anniversary. Now, we are thrilled to see donations in 2016 bring our grand total to over 30,000 helmets, valued at an estimated $450,000!

The Bencher Election Voting Guide is now available

OTLA urges all members to vote for candidates that oppose implementation of ABS as proposed by the Law Society. The time to vote for the next Law Society Benchers draws near. In order to ensure that eligible lawyers are well-equipped when voting opens in April, OTLA has prepared a Voting Guide, complete with a list of candidates who oppose the implementation of Alternative Business Structures. OTLA …

Medical malpractice in the media: the Toronto Star

In November 2013, OTLA submitted recommendations on the Draft Transparency Principles, proposed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). In the submission, OTLA expressed the importance of patient safety: “OTLA feels that the overriding concern in establishing and applying these transparency principles must be, first and foremost, the protection of the public and disclosure of information, not the protection of the physician’s privacy.” …