Natalie Gerry

Natalie is a personal injury litigator with Ericksons LLP in Thunder Bay. She regularly represents clients before the Superior Court of Justice and various administrative tribunals. She assists plaintiffs in all types of lawsuits. Given Thunder Bay’s climate she has had the opportunity to gain particular experience with ice-induced slip and falls and winter MVAs.

Framing the Argument for General Damages in Sexual Violence Lawsuits

This article aims to frame the discussion of general and aggravated damages merited in cases of sexual abuse or sexual battery (which for ease of reference will be referred to as “sexual violence lawsuits”). The undertone of sexual violence in the personal injury context augments the appropriate level of general damages in these cases. It is evident upon review of the jurisprudence, that claims for general damages in sexual violence lawsuits cannot be assessed in the same way as personal injury claims related to slip and falls or motor vehicle accidents. There is an added dimension to sexual violence lawsuits, which results in a particularly negative effect upon the plaintiff, and ought to be compensated accordingly…

From Hangover to Legal Liability- If You Are Over-Served and Injured, You Can Sue

With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, many will be heading to celebrate at the bar with a drink or two. If you become intoxicated at the bar and are injured is there legal recourse? The answer depends on the circumstances, of course, but this post looks at two situations where a person is likely to be successful in suing a bar if they are injured.