Vithu Srikantha

Vithu Srikantha is an articling student at Avanessy Giordano LLP, a boutique personal injury law firm that prides itself on personalized care and the highest level of client service. He joins the AvaGio team after graduating from the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and has been able to assist its staff in ensuring injured clients receive the best support during their path to recovery during their personal injury claims.

Game Misconduct – City’s Liability on Outdoor Hockey Rink Maintenance

There is nothing more Canadian than checking the weather to find out that it is the perfect conditions for a good old hockey game with your friends at the outdoor public ice rink. But who is responsible for ensuring the property maintenance of these public rinks?

Don’t Let Cold Winters Burn Through Your Savings!

Imagine looking out your window while enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate on a winter day. Then, as you’re taking a sip, you see somebody walking on your sidewalk and, in a blink of an eye, they have slipped and fallen on an icy patch, and you know your peaceful morning is about to take a turn for the worse. Living in Ontario, most …