Government needs to turn its attention to plight of victims

doctor reviews clipboard

Today, OTLA called on the Ontario Government to establish a commission to conduct a public inquiry to examine the current state of independent medical assessments of injured auto accident victims.

After years of changes designed to placate the insurance industry, the government needs to turn its attention to the plight of victims.

The appointment today of a new auto insurance advisor – David Marshall – presents the opportunity to restore balance in our auto insurance system, starting with a public inquiry into medical evidence and reports used in insurance claims.

Ontario’s auto insurance system is in crisis. Coverage has been steadily eroded, premiums remain stubbornly high and insurer profitability is allowed to continue without limits.

While it’s bad enough for all policy holders who are still waiting for their promised premium reductions, it’s the injured accident victims and their families that have borne the brunt of all these punitive changes.

Not only do victims face dramatically reduced coverage when they do make claims under their contracts of insurance, they also face unconscionable delays and unfair denial of coverage.

While that is bad enough, the average claimant has no idea that they will have to contend with a system of medico-legal experts who distort evidence – including court reports – in a bid to satisfy insurance company clients.

A public inquiry is the best way to shine a light on this widespread unsavoury practice and bring about meaningful change.


For more information about our call for a public inquiry, contact John Karapita, Director of Public Affairs, OTLA


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