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Why are we paying for doctors’ malpractice?

Doctors in surgery around patient

The Canadian Medical Protection Association describes itself as “a not-for-profit mutual defence association.” Even though it acts as an insurer, providing resources to help manage risk and assistance when medical-legal difficulties arise, the CMPA is technically not an insurer.

Reducing Taxpayers’ Dollars means the CMPA taking a Different Litigation Approach

As medical malpractice lawyers know all too well, the Canadian Medical Protective Association (“CMPA”) has earned its litigious reputation. Their slogan reads, “protecting the professional integrity of physicians and promoting safe medical care in Canada”. They profess a duty to protect rather than to defend. Often, this mandate translates into aggressively fought litigation culminating with a trial or settlement only on the courtroom steps. This …

Medical Negligence: It’s Never an Open and Shut Case

When a person has suffered because of an obvious error by a health care professional, the comment often said to me is, “It’s an open and shut case.” When it comes to medical negligence litigation, there is no such thing. A medical negligence lawsuit is different from other personal injury cases in at least one critical way; the plaintiff is often already unwell before the …

CPSO Transparency: By-Law Amendment a Step in the Right Direction

Most complaints to the College of Physicians and Surgeons (“CPSO”) are made because patients want to ensure that the same medical mistake that they were subjected to doesn’t happen to someone else. Investigations led by the Inquiries, Complaints & Reports Committee (“ICRC”) at the CPSO can help patients get the medical answers they are looking for and re-assurance that the doctor will strive not to …