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K.K. vs. Aviva General Insurance, 2020 ONLAT 18-012611/AABS

In this case, the insurer was ordered to pay special award for unreasonably held or delayed payment of IRBs after ignoring severity of psychological impairments and reports of its own assessors…

A Look Into How an Adjudicator is Trained at the LAT

Guest Author: Laura Dickson, Lamont Law In 2018, the independence of the adjudicators and decision-making process was called into question by the Divisional Court. The Divisional Court in Shuttleworth found that, although some outside influence on reason writing was considered permissible, the Court held that there ought to be an institutional consultation procedure in place to safeguard the independence of the decision-maker. The Ontario Court …

K.H. v. Aviva Insurance Company, 2020 ONTLAT 19-013941/AABS

In this case, Aviva subjected to pay order for unreasonably withheld or delayed payments for having “stubbornly maintained its denial and forced a hearing where it, for the first time post-accident, raised causation issues”…

Lange, et al., v. John Doe, et al.

In this case, Master Josefo ordered production of a document that was created by the defendant six months after the commencement of litigation. To support their privilege claim, the defence tendered affidavit evidence from counsel about what he had been told by the author of the document.

Pandemic Price Gouging in The Car Insurance Industry

New data reveals that car accidents in Ontario have gone down by more than 56% since Ontario’s State of Emergency was declared on March 17, 2020. How have car insurance companies responded? By increasing Ontarians’ premiums by an average of $30 per policy since the pandemic began.