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Never Forget

The phrase “never forget” is regularly stated when referring to the epic trauma that is the Holocaust. The calling to “never forget” is entrenched in the hearts and minds of all Jewish people and a cry to humanity at large. When we say “never forget” what are we on a mission and pledging to do?

December 6th – A Day of Reflection and a Day of Action

The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, informally known as “White Ribbon Day”, is a day of mourning and remembrance to mark the École Polytechnique anti-feminist massacre, and to help raise awareness about gender-based violence.

Rescuing Accessibility: The Legal Community’s Role in Achieving SDG #16 on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Another Year of The LAT: Is Time Standing Still?

Here’s what I said on a previous LAT stat blog:

“Not surprising, the LAT is not getting any faster. And, even more not surprising, the same insurers are still creating a lot of LAT disputes.”

That is still true.

As usual, here are some quick “take aways” before the actual stats:

Embracing the Radiance of Diwali: A Celebration of Light, Unity, and Renewal

Diwali, also known as Deepavali (pronounced dee-puh-vaa-lee), derives its name from the Sanskrit words “deepa”, meaning lamp or light, and “avali”, meaning a row.

Understanding Chronic Pain and the Problem of Evaluation

Everyone experiences pain. When you get a paper cut, for example, it hurts, and this is a normal response from your nervous system, which alerts you to the injury so that you can tend to it. This typical experience of pain is called acute pain.