Living with Traumatic Brain Injury: The Role of Structured Settlements in Regaining Independence

Having never experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) myself, I cannot begin to imagine what daily life is like for those who have.  I have had glimpses, however, over my 30-year career of working with TBI survivors, and in my recent role of caregiver for a loved one with a brain injury.

Statistics show that individuals suffering from TBI have greater incidences of incarceration, mental health issues, unemployment and homelessness than the general population.[1]

For many, the loss of independence in many aspects of their daily lives hits the hardest.  The need to rely on others, often for tasks that seemed so simple before their injuries, provide daily reminders of their injuries and the “new normal” of their life with TBI.

For those with personal injury claims, structured settlements can play a crucial role in providing TBI survivors with greater independence and the financial stability needed to be able to focus on continued rehabilitation, recovery and enjoyment of life.  Having the option to create a structure with a portion of their personal injury settlements offers many TBI survivors a chance to regain financial independence and exercise control over their financial future.

With manageable and tax-free monthly payments guaranteed far into the future, those living with TBI have the ability to design for themselves a reliable paycheque that provides:

  • Certainty of payment – structures are backed by three levels of guarantee
  • Protection of funds against dissipation, marriage breakdown, or bankruptcy
  • Tax-free estate protection where structure payments continue after premature death
  • Continued access to other much needed income sources such as:
    • Ontario Disability Support Payments
    • Canada Child Benefit payments
    • Trillium Drug Program medication support
    • Subsidized Housing
    • Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement
    • Registered Disability Savings Plan bonds and grants
    • Etcetera

In living with TBI, those affected (and their caregivers) do not need the added stressors of worrying about making much-needed settlement funds last.  With a structured settlement, that stress can disappear, allowing families living with TBI to focus on recovery, rehabilitation and moving forward with certainty and predictability.


Written by

Laura Mullin is a Structured Settlement Consultant at McKellar Structured Settlements.