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Desrochers v. McGinnis, 2024 ONCA 63

The plaintiff, Megan Desrochers, suffered a severe injury when the ATV she was driving left the unpaved road she was on and struck a tree.
At the time, Megan was dating Patrick McGinnis. Patrick’s parents owned a farm near the collision site. Patrick’s father, Grant McGinnis, owned the ATV and kept it at his farm.

Ingratta v. McDonald, 2024 ONSC 371 (CanLII)

This is a rare addition to the relatively scant amount of case law regarding simplified procedure. The decision involves a motor vehicle collision claim and contains procedural guidance on the use of joint document briefs, agreements on the use of the documents in said brief, CaseLines and how expert evidence is called at a simplified procedure trial.

Schroeder v. Co-operators General Insurance Company, 2024 ONCA 54 (CanLII)

In Schroeder v. Co-operators General Insurance Company, the Ontario Court of Appeal reaffirms that the limitation clock for underinsurance claims does not start to run until a demand for indemnification is made and goes unsatisfied.

Over the Glass and Into the Courtroom

In the average National Hockey League game, ten to twelve pucks sail “over the glass” and into spectator seating areas. Similarly, Major League Baseball games may see more than forty baseballs finding their way into the stands.