Optional Benefits: A Necessity


Authored by: Alfonso Campos Reales

If you drive a car in Ontario, optional benefits are a necessity to protect you and your family.

When you are injured in a car accident in Ontario, you are entitled to accident benefits coverage. These include funding for your medical and rehabilitation expenses, as well as funding to have a professional care for you after an accident.

Because accident benefits coverage was slashed by the government in 2016, the coverage now found in most Ontario auto insurance policies is inadequate and can leave an injured victim without the funds necessary for their recovery. BUT, you can buy back the coverage you lost through the increased coverage provided by optional benefits. Fortunately, optional benefits are not expensive. According to Michael Brattman, Chairman of the Insurance Broker’s Association of Ontario, optional benefits can be purchased for as low as the price of 3 cups of coffee per month.

Ultimately, optional benefits are now a necessity if you drive a car in Ontario. Talk to your insurance broker or insurance company about buying the coverage you lost, in order to protect your family and yourself. The worst thing that you can hear from an injured victim is “I didn’t know that I wasn’t covered” or “I didn’t know I could have increased my coverage.”


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