Clients with Personal Injuries Later in Life: Helping them Get what they Deserve

In August 2022, an Ontario labour arbitrator decided that an employer’s age cut-off of 65 for long-term disability, did violate section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but it was saved under section 1 of the Charter.[1] In making this decision, the arbitrator noted that setting the cut-off age at 65 was reasonable considering the nature and demographics of the employer and …

Medical Malpractice: How Forensic Accountants Can Assist Counsel

Medical malpractice is an all-too-common and unfortunate reality in Canada. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute notes that medical errors lead to 28,000 Canadian deaths annually

How OTs Help Injured Parties in Pain Management

The treatment and management of chronic pain is complex. Part of the reason for this complexity is that the pain experience is deeply personal. Simply put, everyone experiences pain differently. Remarkably, our thoughts and feelings can affect our body’s chemistry and our response to pain.