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7 Things Drivers Should Know About Parking Tickets and License Suspension

expect parking tickets from this expired meter

Nothing is worse than finding a parking ticket fluttering on the windshield. Many will open up the glove compartment to quickly stash the ticket away, drive home, and try to put the wretched ticket out of your mind. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten about the whole ordeal … and never paid the ticket.

This scenario happens to hundreds of Ontarians every year and many drivers are unaware of the consequences that it can have. Here are 7 things you should know to protect yourself from license suspension following a minor infraction.

OTLA Proud to Support Proposed Legislation to Make Roads Safer

The Ontario government has announced plans to increase fines for distracted driving, a move that the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association welcomes. OTLA Director of Public Affairs, John Karapita, is pictured in a group above with Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca (center), MPPs Eleanor McMahon, Kathryn McGarry, Mike Colle and Han Dong, along with OSL President Brian Patterson and many more road safety partners, during the …

Driving? Keep a Keen Eye for Wildlife as Seasons Change

The Summer is over, the kids are back at school and the days are getting colder again. Northern Ontario has seen its first cold nights already.  We are moving back to winter temperatures, snow,ice and  salt on the roads. This is the time that larger wildlife like deer and moose venture onto the roads to lick salt off the asphalt.  It is also the time …