Laura Hillyer

Laura Hillyer divides her practice between Personal Injury Litigation and Criminal Defence. She strives to help her clients with the challenges they face whether they are injured or disabled and are seeking fair compensation, or are charged with a criminal offence. Laura believes that practising in these two areas of law provides her with a wide breadth of experience and gives her a balanced approach in facing legal problems.

Could this Reality Show Make Ontario Roads Safer?

Heavy Rescue 401 poster comp

On January 3, 2017 the Discovery Channel debuted Heavy Rescue: 401, a reality show that follows emergency rescue and recovery towing operators on Ontario’s 400-series highways. The show follows on the heels of Highway Thru Hell, a highly successful program filmed in the British Columbia interior which finished its fifth season in 2016. The program is a pleasure to watch. Tow operators compete to be …

Concussion Research Strengthens Case for Youth Sports Safety Legislation

Image of a football game with concussion brain scans superimposed

New research published in the Journal of Neurotrauma provides compelling evidence regarding the long-term effects of concussion on the brain. The results are relevant and informative to all who have suffered a traumatic brain injury; they highlight the importance of moving forward with legislative initiatives such as Rowan’s Law, which will further protect those who engage in sport.

4 Questions to Ask Your Broker Before Renewing Your Auto Insurance

people review documents

On June 1, 2016, the automobile insurance coverage available to Ontarians fell dramatically, meaning car crash victims will now receive significantly less money to help them get back on their feet. The decreased coverage will take effect upon policy renewal. Unless consumers purchase optional additional coverage, the amount of coverage they have will be significantly less than it was prior to the June 1st changes. …

Tis the Season for Winter Tires and Ontario Insurers are playing Scrooge with the Discounts

Winter tires are an important part of safe winter driving. The tire rubber is more flexible and contacts cold, icy roads in a way that all season and summer tires simply can’t. Shorter stopping distances and greater vehicle control translate to a lower risk of collision and, accordingly, decreased chance of an insurance claim. In April’s provincial budget, the Ontario government promised to make insurance …

Ontario government deals another blow to injured Ontario motorists with the Common Traffic Impairment Guideline

available rehab coverage

The Ontario government continues to allow insurance companies to erode coverage for Ontario motor vehicle accident victims. The draft Common Traffic Impairment (CTI) Guideline proposes to reduce available treatment to below critical levels. OTLA has submitted a Response to the Draft CTI Guideline and the CTI Guideline Appendix. Prior to September 2010, car crash victims had up to $100,000.00 in available coverage for rehabilitation. To …

The Reality of a Publicly Traded Law Firm – How is a Car Crash Victim Served when her Lawyer is Focused on Share Price?

Slater and Gordon is a massive publicly traded international law firm that recently made the financial news in Australia when its share price took a fall of more than forty percent. The company has been an aggressive proponent of Alternative Business Structures (ABS), a law firm structure that permits non-lawyers to own law firms. Critics of ABS have consistently maintained that the corporatization of law …