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What If My Insurance Broker Doesn’t Tell Me About Optional Benefits?

As previously discussed on the OTLA Blog, everyone should consider buying optional automobile insurance Accident Benefits. In 2016, Accident Benefits were slashed by the Ontario Government.  But, consumers can buy back the old coverage levels (and more) by purchasing optional benefits. Instead of the “normal” $65,000 of Medical and Rehabilitation (Med-Rehab) and Attendant Care Benefits available to non-“minor” and non-Catastrophic injury victims and the $1M …

Making Sense of Your LTD Coverage

Frustrated by confusing LTD coverage, a man throws papers into the air

With life being as hectic as it is, it is just too easy to turn our minds from what appears to be the least-pressing issues at the moment. These issues may seem to include the fine print in your long-term disability policy. However, in the event that you become disabled, these mundane details can mean absolutely everything to you and your family. It is important …

Critical Disclosure in an Insurance Application

Disembodied hand completes Insurance Application

Completing an application for life or disability insurance can be daunting. This is why it’s always best to research the different types of insurance before applying for them. If you know things like the differences between personal disability insurance and short-term disability insurance then you are less likely to be thrown by the questions in the applications. An applicant faces questions about their health history, …

Challenging jury bias in Ontario automobile injury trials

car key with "insured" written on fob

Should people with auto insurance be excluded from juries in car crash trials? OTLA Director Kris Bonn argues that jurors familiar with car insurance might decide to reduce the victim’s award, in order to keep premiums from becoming more expensive. How is that fair to Ontario’s vulnerable and injured?

Ontario insurers continue to profit from victims of arson

A string of disturbing cases has highlighted a troubling trend of injustice for Ontario homeowners who are victims of arson. While homeowners rely on insurance to protect us when we are victims of a wrongful act – like arson – insurers continue to take advantage of consumers by placing exclusions in their policies that prevent just compensation.

How Will Reforms to Impaired Driving Laws Impact Ontario Insurance Coverage?

Driving into the THC Fog

On April 13, 2017, the Federal Government announced long-anticipated plans to legalize marijuana in Canada. Along with that announcement came the most sweeping proposed reforms to Canada’s impaired driving laws seen in decades. This article will attempt to forecast possible insurance coverage pitfalls if and when these laws are in place, based on the current law in Ontario. Generally, you purchase insurance to cover a …