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McNamee v. Oickle, 2020 ONSC 1077

the Plaintiffs had expert evidence from an occupational therapist as to necessity, cost and duration of different and additional treatments they each required, but that were not the subject of dispute in this ruling.

Driving? Keep a Keen Eye for Wildlife as Seasons Change

The Summer is over, the kids are back at school and the days are getting colder again. Northern Ontario has seen its first cold nights already.  We are moving back to winter temperatures, snow,ice and  salt on the roads. This is the time that larger wildlife like deer and moose venture onto the roads to lick salt off the asphalt.  It is also the time …

What to do after a car accident: The do’s and don’ts

For many people, spring and summer are synonymous with road trips. You may go to your cottage for a long weekend or drive somewhere delightful on a week-long road trip. But as more vacationers take to the road this spring and summer, the potential for an accident also increases. The sad truth, according to statistics, is that most drivers will be involved in a vehicle …