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Lambert v. Maracle, 2019 ONSC 7003

In this case, the plaintiff brought a motion seeking an order to compel the defendant, Aviva Insurance Company of Canada (“Aviva”), to be examined first despite the fact that Aviva was the first party to serve a notice of examination.

What is Adverse Costs Insurance? Do I need It?

Generally speaking, in Ontario, we have a ‘loser pays legal fees system’. This means that the unsuccessful party in a lawsuit can expect to be ordered to pay at least part of the successful side’s legal costs.

Compensation for Injured Airline Passengers in an International World

With over 90,000 flights taking off every day around the world and billions of passengers flying internationally every year, aviation technology has come a long way since the Wright brothers. Unfortunately, there is a cost for global travel that goes well beyond the airline ticket itself.

Bosnali v. Michaud, 2020 ONCA 7

A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal on the issue of whether or not the Plaintiff’s lawyers were entitled to a “charging order” over the Plaintiff’s damages and costs following a trial where the Plaintiff did not beat a rule 49 offer from the Defendants.

What happens if you’re in a snowmobile accident?

When the winter season commences, so do the snow sports. For some, this means pulling out their snowmobile and enjoying rides around their property or through the trails.