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Schroeder v. Co-operators General Insurance Company, 2024 ONCA 54 (CanLII)

In Schroeder v. Co-operators General Insurance Company, the Ontario Court of Appeal reaffirms that the limitation clock for underinsurance claims does not start to run until a demand for indemnification is made and goes unsatisfied.

Wasylyk v. County of Simcoe, 2022 ONSC 4458

Icy Road

On a winter night, 18-year-old Melinda Wasylyk was driving home from her first night of nursing college when she lost control of her vehicle twice on CR88 – one of the busiest roads in Simcoe County (“Simcoe”) connecting Hwy 400 to Bradford.

Pridmore v. Drenth, 2023 ONCA 606 (CanLII)

The plaintiff, Breanne Pridmore, was severely injured riding as a passenger on an all-terrain vehicle (“ATV”) driven by her friend, Tyler Drenth, in March 2014. They were riding along the shoulder of Bird Road, a rural highway road, when she was thrown from the ATV. She suffered complete paraplegia.

Derenzis v. Gore Mutual Insurance Company, 2023 CanLII 58532 (ON LAT)

The Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) decision of Derenzis v. Gore Mutual Insurance Company, September 18, 2023 (unreported) raises the question of whether the Tribunal has jurisdiction to grant a civil remedy, in particular injunctive relief, and whether adjudicative privilege and deliberative secrecy attach to certain documents internally produced at the LAT. Applicant’s counsel filed affidavit evidence of a whistle blower from the LAT that addressed institutional issues of alleged bias and adjudicative interference.

Another Year of The LAT: Is Time Standing Still?

Here’s what I said on a previous LAT stat blog:

“Not surprising, the LAT is not getting any faster. And, even more not surprising, the same insurers are still creating a lot of LAT disputes.”

That is still true.

As usual, here are some quick “take aways” before the actual stats: