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Game Misconduct – City’s Liability on Outdoor Hockey Rink Maintenance

There is nothing more Canadian than checking the weather to find out that it is the perfect conditions for a good old hockey game with your friends at the outdoor public ice rink. But who is responsible for ensuring the property maintenance of these public rinks?

Bimman v. Igor Ellyn Professional Corporation (Ellyn Law), 2022 ONCA 781

This recent Court of Appeal (ONCA) decision serves as a great reminder that retainer agreements should be carefully drafted to reflect the true nature of the solicitor-client relationship and that they should be adapted to account for all foreseeable outcomes.

Raskin v. Stepanyan, 2022 ONSC 6247

The plaintiff was injured in a trip-and-fall incident while visiting a house located in North York and, as a result, she suffered injuries.  She was attending a scheduled dental appointment with the defendant Anna Shifrin, who runs a dental practice from the premises.  A one day undefended trial took place on November 3, 2022.

What happens if my son borrows a friend’s car and crashes it?

When a motor vehicle accident occurs that involves a borrowed car, typically the first area of concern that will arise between the parties is determining who should be held responsible; the owner or the borrower of the vehicle?