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Injured Victims Risk Recovery of Municipal Damages

Man walks bicycle on sidewalk

Municipalities enjoy legal protections that other parties do not. Take the 10-day notice period as a prime example.

The Municipal Act, 2001 states that no legal action shall be brought for the recovery of damages unless the municipality is notified of the claim and injury within 10 days of its occurrence. When municipal property is in a state of disrepair or covered in ice and snow, with no reasonable attempts at maintenance, resulting injuries warrant recovery of damages from the responsible municipality.

The injured person has only 10 days to let the municipality know that they were injured on city property, or risk being unable to recover damages.

Silvera v. Olympia Jewellery Corporation, 2015 ONSC 3760

Released June 15, 2014 | CanLII Ms. Silvera – who had worked at Olympia Jewellery Corporation as a receptionist/administrative assistant – was fired after a two week absence from work due to dental surgery. At the time, she earned $28,000 a year, and had worked for the employer for a year and a half. She brought an action against Olympia for wrongful termination and against …