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Social Media and Facebook, A Dangerous Mix

The trend in the more recent cases are for more disclosure of personal and private social media accounts. Master Short acknowledges that there is flux in the law right now regarding disclosure of social media pages.

Technology and the Personal Injury Claim

Medical data is shown on a digital technology display

Technology has long been a topic that has piqued the interest of the legal profession. Instead of being dissuaded by the rapid development of technological innovation, lawyers, the courts, and insurance companies are using technology to their advantage and embracing the benefits they produce.

Ask a Lawyer: Should We Broadcast Court Proceedings?

Ask a Lawyer: Should We Broadcast Court Proceedings?

Recently, Justice Denny Thomas in Edmonton allowed television cameras inside the courtroom to broadcast his long-awaited decision in the Travis Vader murder case. His decision to allow cameras has stirred up the debate on whether or not to allow cameras into Canadian courtrooms. Broadcasting inside courtrooms is nothing new in the United States but is extremely rare in Canada. Many of us remember the O.J. Simpson trial …

The Uncertain Landscape of Autopilot Liability

windshield HUD displays autopilot ON, liability uncertain

As society progresses on its ambitious path towards “technological utopianism”, laws and regulations must keep up with the rapid pace of advancement. One issue of great interest is the shift towards self-driving cars.   The Autopilot Technology When Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the release of Tesla’s autopilot system in October 2014, the news generated global buzz. The autopilot system introduced many new and innovative …

Police explore effectiveness of controversial “Textalyzer” device to combat distracted driving

phone sits on car seat with broken glass

Decades of effort by groups in government, police, and lobbying organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada (MADD) has caused a dramatic decline in the rate of deaths caused by impaired driving since the 1980s. However the recent trend towards widespread use of mobile devices behind the wheel means that distracted driving is quickly becoming a more deadly issue. In addition to drinking, drivers …

Proposed Aviva Insurance Policy a Boon for Uber Drivers Without Commercial Coverage

Billed as an evolution to modern transportation, Uber has inspired global debate about whether the company’s ridesharing application cuts corners on regulatory rules, and what effect this has on the taxi industry and public at large. A proposed policy by Aviva Canada seeks to respond to the company’s uncertain insurance coverage for ridesharing drivers and their passengers. A major problem with using Uber is the …