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Pokémon Go: Safe Play in Augmented Reality

smartphone displays image of pokemon go gameplay

Police explore effectiveness of controversial “Textalyzer” device to combat distracted driving

phone sits on car seat with broken glass

Decades of effort by groups in government, police, and lobbying organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada (MADD) has caused a dramatic decline in the rate of deaths caused by impaired driving since the 1980s. However the recent trend towards widespread use of mobile devices behind the wheel means that distracted driving is quickly becoming a more deadly issue. In addition to drinking, drivers …

Ontario Passes New Laws for Safer Roads: Can Motorists, Cyclists, and Pedestrians coexist in harmony?

With the beautiful weather now upon us, there is no shortage of summer fun to be enjoyed in communities across the province. Whether it’s taking in the long anticipated Pan Am Games, attending summer festivals or just out for a good time, the reality is that more motorists, cyclists and pedestrians will be out in droves sharing the roads. However, this inevitable coexistence between motorists, …

OTLA Proud to Support Proposed Legislation to Make Roads Safer

The Ontario government has announced plans to increase fines for distracted driving, a move that the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association welcomes. OTLA Director of Public Affairs, John Karapita, is pictured in a group above with Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca (center), MPPs Eleanor McMahon, Kathryn McGarry, Mike Colle and Han Dong, along with OSL President Brian Patterson and many more road safety partners, during the …