Show Me the Policy, Honey! Why is Uber keeping its insurance details a secret?

Uber maintains it has sufficient insurance to protect customers of the popular ride-sharing program, but refuses to produce the paperwork to prove it. On March 9, 2015, Uber asked an Ontario Superior Court Judge for an Order to seal its insurance policy, claiming it is necessary to do so for “competitive reasons”.

The sufficiency of Uber’s insurance coverage is a hot button topic and Uber has faced considerable criticism both in Ontario, as well as in other jurisdictions where it offers services. Uber says it has insurance but won’t provide specific details about the coverage policies. Numerous critics have questioned the sufficiency of Uber’s coverage and reports of denied claims permeate the issue. The City of Toronto, in an effort to protect consumers, is proactively trying to regulate Uber. The City has brought an application for a court injunction to block Uber’s operations. Rather than allay the City’s concerns and confirm consumers are protected, Uber is arguing that because it is not a taxi service it does not have to be licensed.

Uber’s attempt to establish itself as a credible and safe alternative to traditional taxi services would only be strengthened, if were to settle this issue once and for all. Until then, consumers are once again warned that the adequacy of Uber’s insurance coverage is anything but certain.


This post was contributed by Laura Hillyer, an OTLA Director and lawyer practising with Martin & Hillyer Associates in Burlington, Ont.

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