Frank McNally

Frank has been practicing personal injury law for over nine years and has devoted his practice to representing individuals who have been victims of serious personal injury accidents. As a founding partner of McNally Gervan, Frank is a passionate lawyer committed to protecting accident victims’ rights and providing assertive legal services to his clients and their families.

Frank is Vice-President and Lawyer Referral Committee Chair and member of the Board of Directors for Reach Canada. He was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Association of Canada.

Restricted access to justice needs to be part of the election discussion

With Ontarians heading to the ballot boxes in less than a month, people are paying heightened attention to what the parties and candidates have to say on issues they care about. For many people, that means education, health care, jobs and environmental issues. Unfortunately, tort rights, thresholds and deductibles are probably not even on the radar, and understandably so. The reality is that most people …

Deny and delay even further: A new proposal by government to lower prejudgment interest rates

As anyone who has gone through the court system knows, the wheels of justice turn slowly. If there was ever such a thing as instant justice, prejudgement interest would not be necessary. However, the reality of our system is that justice often takes many years and the laws of Ontario provide interest from the date the cause of action arose to the date of the …

Insurance problems distorted: New Insurance Bureau advertising campaign launched

Last week, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) took out full page ads with a big statement—“Criminals Next Exit”—and titled “Ontario to crack down on The Car Accident Business”. The gist of the ad, which is similar to campaigns previously run by the IBC, is that the main reason insurance premiums have not decreased is that fraud continues to be a systemic problem. This is …