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The Joys and Perils Of E-Bikes

With electric bike (“E-Bike”) sales having boomed since the pandemic, people are heading out in droves to enjoy the benefits that come with these cost-effective alternatives to crowed public transit options. Despite the health and environmental benefits of riding e-bikes, there are some legal risks that come with these e-bikes both for e-bike riders themselves and other users of the road who are injured by …

Mandel v. Fakhim, 2018 ONSC 7580

Mandel v. Fakhim[1] involves an appeal from a trial decision, heard before the Divisional Court. The action related to injuries resulting from a motor vehicle collision, which occurred on July 4, 2009. The jury verdict at trial was delivered on November 18, 2016, where the jury awarded $3,000 in damages to the plaintiff, for pain and suffering, and nothing for past or future lost income, future care expenses or housekeeping services.

Game Misconduct – City’s Liability on Outdoor Hockey Rink Maintenance

There is nothing more Canadian than checking the weather to find out that it is the perfect conditions for a good old hockey game with your friends at the outdoor public ice rink. But who is responsible for ensuring the property maintenance of these public rinks?

Kalk v Intact Insurance Company, 2022 CanLII 45275

This decision demonstrates that for catastrophic cases, the LAT has made it clear that properly qualified experts will lose credibility if they do not have sufficient expertise in the areas for which they are providing WPI rating.

Sanson v. Paterson, 2022 ONSC 2972

The life-altering impact of a mild traumatic brain injury, despite the Plaintiff’s return to work and surveillance evidence at trial showing the Plaintiff carrying on a normal life.

Aditi v. Doe, 2022 ONSC 4049

An example of inadmissible hearsay used to corroborate physical evidence or independent witness evidence requirements under an OPCF 44R Family Protection Endorsement.