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Protect Your Family from Catastrophic Automobile Insurance Reform

Child faces camera while parent straps sibling into car

Anyone reading the tragic story of Adam Bari out of Hamilton, Ontario this past week will undoubtedly feel overwhelming sympathy for his now dire situation and will at the same time experience incredible apprehension and fear at the thought of such a tragedy ever happening to either themselves or to a loved one. Due to recent changes to the auto insurance regulations brought forth by …

Mikolic v. Tanguay, 2015 ONSC 71 (CanLII)

The Divisional Court concludes that accident benefit settlements encompassing both past and future benefits are deductible against global damages awards without regard to apportionment between past and future amounts.

Ontario government deals another blow to injured Ontario motorists with the Common Traffic Impairment Guideline

available rehab coverage

The Ontario government continues to allow insurance companies to erode coverage for Ontario motor vehicle accident victims. The draft Common Traffic Impairment (CTI) Guideline proposes to reduce available treatment to below critical levels. OTLA has submitted a Response to the Draft CTI Guideline and the CTI Guideline Appendix. Prior to September 2010, car crash victims had up to $100,000.00 in available coverage for rehabilitation. To …

New Policy on Travel Expenses for Treatment Providers Discriminates Against Rural Claimants

FSCO regularly publishes Bulletins which are meant to guide insurers and claimants on the permissible and impermissible practices surrounding claims for accident benefits. In FSCO Bulletin A-14/14, along with outlining regulatory amendments which were to take effect on December 1, 2014, FSCO also sent a strong message about mileage expenses for treatment providers, which will discriminate against claimants who live anywhere other than large towns and cities and …